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10% Off -- Large 1 Drawer Enclosure With Door Panel --$251.95 – Measures 23"W x 7.50"H x 14"D

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large 1 drawer enclosure with drawer detail1 available at this price for immediate delivery. All King Starboard frame, door panels and drawer construction large 1 drawer enclosure door openin 
your choice of 5 colors. The drawers incorporate a "lift and pull" feature that keeps them securely closed when not in use.  White PVC carcass for weight savings. All stainless steel fasteners. 

 Stainless steel piano hinges and white or black Southco polycarbonate slam latch standard with this unit.

Product Specifications

  • Outside Dimensions:  23"W x 7.50"H x 14"D Behind Frame
  • Cutout Size: 21.25” X 5.75”
  • Frame Width: 1.50"
  • Requires minimum 14.25” Of Clearance Behind Frame.
  • Drawer inside measurements are 18-3/4"W x 10-7/8"D x 3-3/4"H. 
  • Shipping Weight: 26 lbs. The tackle center "body" must be supported from beneath as part of the installation in order to avoid undue stress on the frame.

Note: We build our stock design "to order." Please allow 10 - 15 business days from the time you place your order until it ships. 

Available Options

 white non lock southco slam latch  

No Extra Cost -- This white Southco non-locking polylcarbonate latch is a standard option on our enclosures. It's handsome, tough, and designed for the marine environment.

 black southco non-locking latch standard  

No Extra Cost -- Or choose this black Southco non-locking polycarbonate latch, again as a standard option. Just as with the white version shown above, this latch will stand up to the harsh conditions of a marine environment.

 stainless gemlux non-locking slam latch option  

Add $28.00 -- And upgrade to this non-locking GemLux electro-polished stainless steel slam latch. Stylish and durable.

 gemlus locking stainless steel slam latch option  

Add $38.00 -- And add security to your enclosure with this locking GemLux electro-polished stainless steel slam latch. 


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