Custom King Starboard Cockpit & Shower Grates

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Custom Cockpit & Shower Grates

Some time ago, a trawler owner (a Krogen guy, no less) came by the shop and said he wanted a custom shower grate made of King Starboard to replace the teak shower grate that came with his boat. I don't remember exactly what he said about the original grate, but I think we can all safely assume that the teak demanded more cleaning and other old new cockpit gratemaintenance than he or his first mate wanted to deal with.

So we entered the profile of his existing grate into our CNC router and out popped a better answer: A custom shower grate made with 3/4" thick King Starboard Anti-Skid -- perforated with lots of 3/4" diameter drainage holes, all with a nice smooth radius so as not to snag a person's toes.


custom shower grate #1 


 cockpit grate reverse side




AS grate close-up detail

 We design our custom shower & cockpit grates to your exact specifications, using 3/4" thick King Starboard AS (Anti Skid).

 Unless you specify otherwise, we add drainage channels to the reverse side of your grate.

 Grates are precision-cut on our CNC machine, with 3/4" diameter holes evenly spaced throughout the surface area. Unless otherwise specified all exposed edges are give a 1/8" radius.

Our custom grates have a chemical composition that makes them much more "grippy" than standard King Starboard. And Starboard AS also features a raised pattern of small bumps that aid in keeping one's feet on an even keel so to speak.

Request A Price Quote

As to the cost of a custom shower or cockpit grate you can generally figure on spending in the area of $55 to $65 per square foot for the finished product, milled out of 3/4" thick King Starboard AS (white only). As with all things that are custom-made, the bottom-line per-square-foot price will depend on how complex your requirement is -- so the bottom-line price may be a bit more or a bit less.

We can give you a firm price once you give us your exact specs. Please click on the link above to submit a price quote request, or email with your specs (a digital photo of where the grate needs to go would also be a big help). 

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