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If you are looking for a filler for your teak projects, this stuff is great, this is not teak saw dust, this is more of a powder (about the consistency of...
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Just to mention, the shipping calculator on the site is just that a calculator, sometimes she can be off, we ship teak bungs to sheets of starboard and plywood and everything in between, it has been a bear to try to dial in the shipping calculator, we check shipping cost every time we run a label and we will ship the cheapest way we can. 


Buck Woodcraft sells a variety of best quality teak molding and trim, battens, quarter round, "L" molding and pin rails, all at competitive prices. Each piece of molding we sell is solid teak, sanded and ready for finishing.

teak molding corners We also sell a nice selection of teak accessories, including ready-to-install teak handrails, teak rod holders and teak louvered inserts -- as well as teak drawer pulls, outlet covers, teak bungs and other items listed toward the bottom of this page

teak molding 5 foot sections groupWe've organized our teak molding & accessories into separate sections. The first section offers a variety of straight-length moldings, rails and battens that come in 5' sections (along with any inside and/or outside corners that match up with the straight lengths), as well as a selection of solid teak veneer 3' strips that we mill up here in our shop.

"Please know how much I enjoy doing business with you. Your products are always better than advertised, your prices are fair, and your shipping is always reasonable...  Thank you. "

Tomas Hain -- Morgantown, PA

Other sections offer louvered teak inserts that can add ventilation to cabinet doors and the like…solid teak handrails from 1 to 6 loops...several sizes of solid teak rod racks and (why not?) even a nice teak medicine cabinet.

And finally there are sections for small accessory items like teak drawer pulls, electrical outlet covers, teak bungs and general purpose circular teak cover plates/mounting blocks up to 6" in diameter.