Rough-Sawn Teak Lumber -- 4/4 & 8/4 Thicknesses -- Varying Lengths & Widths

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Buck Woodcraft stocks and sells First European Quality (FEQ) teak lumber that is 4/4 (1" rough) and 8/4 (2" rough). Pricing guidelines for this lumber are:

  • 4/4 Teak -- 5" - 8" Wide X 5' - 8' Long: $35 Per Board Foot
    8/4 Teak -- 5" - 8" Wide X 5' - 8' Long: $38 Per Board Foot
  • Longer & Wider Dimensions Available At Higher Cost

Rough-sawn boards normally require straightening, as well as planing or thickness sanding before the surfaces are entirely smooth. Additionally, the ends of rough-sawn boards may contain end checks up to a length equal to the width of any given board. Typically, however, they're rarely that large. 
Another factor to consider when buying rough-sawn lumber is that you'll nearly always end up with more board feet than you specify -- typically by 5% to 10% -- due to varying full-board dimensions. And if you have a specific set of required "net" dimensions for your finished milled lumber, a fair amount of the rough-sawn lumber you buy may end up as waste -- at least in terms of the amount of wood you need for a particular project.
All that said, however, if you have the necessary shop skills and tools -- and if you plan your purchase carefully -- going with rough-sawn lumber can potentially deliver significant savings compared to buying milled dimensional boards.
How To Calculate Rough-Sawn "Board Feet"
You can get a pretty fair idea of how many board feet you need by using simple arithmetic:
  • Multiply a rough-sawn board's width in inches x its length in inches.
  • Then multiply the result by the board's thickness in inches (4/4 lumber = 1" thick, 6/4 = 1.5" thick, 8/4 = 2" thick etc).
  • Divide the result by 144, and that tells you how many "board feet" a particular board contains. 
So, for example, if you need a 2" (8/4) thick rough-sawn board that measures 10" wide by 96" long, the calculation would be 10 x 96 x 2 / 144 = 13.33 board feet. 

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