Small 3 Drawer Cabinet With Door -- $394.95 – Measures 13.375”W x 16”H x 14”D


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This space-saving 3 drawer enclosure has a King Starboard face frame and door cover panel, plus all drawer components including drawer slides. All drawer slides incorporate precision-cut "stops" to keep drawers securely within the cabinet in 

small 3 dwr cabinet closedrough weather.The drawer carcass/enclosure is fabricated from white PVC for weight savings. 

small 3 drawer cabinet with slde detailThe King Starboard components are available in your choice of 5 colors at no additional cost. The covering door panel incoporates a high-quality stainless steel piano hinge and includes your choice of a white or black Southco polycarbonate slam latch as part of the unit's base price. 

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Product Specifications

  • Outside Dimensions: 13.375”W x 16”H x 14”
  • Cutout Size: 11.25" x 14"
  • Inside measurements for top two drawers:  8-7/8" Wide x 11-5/8 " Long x 3-1/4” Deep.
  • Inside measurements for bottom drawer:  8-7/8" Wide x 11-5/8 " Long x 4-1/4” Deep.
  • Drawer carcass exterior measurements: 11-1/8" Wide x 13-7/8" High x 14" Deep from back side of frame
  • Your choice of a white or black Southco polycarbonate slam latch is included in the base price.
  • Shipping Weight: 45 lbs

 Note: We build our stock design "to order." Please allow 10 - 15 business days from the time you place your order until it ships

 Five Color Choices Included In Base Price




Dolphin Gray


Available Options

 white non lock southco slam latch  

Standard White Southco Latch -- No Extra Cost -- This white Southco non-locking polylcarbonate latch is a standard option on our enclosures. It's handsome, tough, and designed for the marine environment.

 black southco non-locking latch standard  

Standard Black Southco Latch --No Extra Cost -- Or choose this black Southco non-locking polycarbonate latch, again as a standard option. Just as with the white version shown above, this latch will stand up to the harsh conditions of a marine environment.

 stainless gemlux non-locking slam latch option  

Non-Locking SS Latch -- Add $28.00 -- And upgrade to this non-locking GemLux electro-polished stainless steel slam latch. Stylish and durable.

 gemlus locking stainless steel slam latch option  

Locking SS Latch -- Add $38.00 -- And add security to your enclosure with this locking GemLux electro-polished stainless steel slam latch. 

 pre-drilled boat door frame

 Pre-drilled Frame -- No Extra Cost-- Consider this option if you need to fasten your enclosure frame from the front, rather than screwing into it from behind. We'll pre-drill and countersink your holes at precisely spaced intervals on our CNC machine -- so there's no guesswork or uneven results.

 pre-drilled boat door frame


 Gasketed Door Panel -- Add $24.95 -- Adding a gasket to your enclosure's door panel won't make it "waterproof." But it will minimize water intrusion from incidental wave-action spray or splashing while washing down your boat, etc.

"We have bought several [Buck Woodcraft] glove boxes and the products are great -- but I have to say that the last one we received with the seal on the lid works awesome. Our customer is raving about how good and water tight it is... As with all the products we receive/order from Buck Woodcraft, the quality is beyond expectations!."

--Dboatworks -- Key Largo, FL

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