Teak Veneer Plywood Quarter Sheets -- 1/2" Thick -- 24" x 48" -- $128 For 1 -- $155 For 2 -- $270 For 4

Buy 2 quarter-sheets and save $59. Buy 4 quarter-sheets and save $152.

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Teak Veneer Plywood Quarter Sheets -- 1/2" Thick -- 24" x 48" -- Veneer 2 Sides  -- These 8 sq. ft. quarter-sheets have FEQ teak veneer on both sides. The plywood core is exterior grade. 


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Quite wonderful quality, partly due to excellent packaging. No rounded corners, the cutting was perfectly plumb, and the saw they used must have been very sharp. The veneer was perfect to the edges. I have only discovered one void so far in my package of four 4' x 2' sheets.
I ordered two quarter sheets of teak plywood. The shipment was very prompt, the packaging was excellent and well protected. I have used this product before. This is my second order and I'm very pleased with the product.
(Ply)Wood looks great. Appreciate the fast delivery w/ no damage
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