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Nominal 1" Thick Marine Teak Lumber  In A Range Of Lengths & Widths -- All Top Quality & Ready To Use

These First European Quality marine teak wood boards are surfaced all four sides (S4S). Nominal 1" thickness varies from 3/4" to 7/8", but we  keep the thickness consistent across multiple boards in a single order. Length and width dimensions are accurate to within 1/16". 

"The piece of teak was just what I expected and was shipped on time. A pleasant surprise was the shipping cost was lower than the original quote and they sent an e-mail letting me know the difference had been credited to my account.."

--Larry Robin Grosse Ile, Michigan

  • Standard Widths: 1-7/8" - 3" - 4" - 5" - 6" - 7" - 8"
  • Standard Lengths: 1' - 2' - 3' - 4' - 5' - 6' 
  • We usually can also provide nominal 1" S4S boards wider than 8" and longer than 6' on request. Simply email us at john@buckwoodcraft.com with your requirements.

Our standard milled teak sizes offer a lot of flexibility for creating projects that call for superior quality, ready-to-use marine lumber. And like all the teak we sell, our nominal 1" teak boards are all FEQ Asian lumber that is free of the knots and sap wood common in plantation teak.

Other Milled Dimensional Teak Thicknesses:

1/4" | 3/8" | 1/2" | 2" Nominal





Shipping Estimates Versus Actual Shipping Costs

The shipping cost shown when you place your teak order is an estimate produced by either UPS or the U.S. Postal Service. Sometimes that estimate turns out to be too high, and other times it's too low. Here's what we do in either case:

  • If The Estimated Cost Is Too High -- If the actual shipping & handling cost is less than the estimated cost you're charged when placing your order, we promptly refund the overpayment back to your credit card account or your PayPal account. This normally takes 1 or 2 business days to be applied.
  • If The Estimated Cost Is Too Low -- We absorb the difference. 

Package Length Really Matters

Shipping costs for teak boards sent via UPS (or FedEx) are appreciably higher when the package length is 60" (5') or greater. This is true even when the package contains thin, narrow boards and weighs only a few pounds. 
We Minimize Handling Charges
Our handling charges range from a few dollars for small shipments sent in standard boxes, to several dollars for custom-built packages required for large teak shipments, or for packages that require extra protection against damage. In all cases, we try to hold our shipping costs to a minimum while ensuring that the teak you order order shows up in excellent condition.
perfect cuts and finished on all 4 sides, measurements were spot on!
Wonderful source! Without Buck Woodcraft I wouldn't have been able to upgrade my catboat--a Com Pac Horizon. Nowhere else could I purchase so efficiently small cuts or very specific sizes I needed. That goes for both the high quality teak & the starboard.

The numerous order I placed were all spot-on & quickly shipped. I highly recommend!!!
Product I ordered, teak for my boat platform is top quality (8”x6’x1” and a smaller piece). They shipped on time and it arrived well packed and in beautiful condition. Very pleased with the transaction and product.
This teak is beautiful and is cut just right to create our pantry. Thank you so much!
Thank you for the quick shipment. Everything cut perfectly.
I have been buying teak lumber and starboard products from Buck Woodcraft for many years, for use on the restoration of my 1976 Hatteras motor yacht. The quality of everything has always been top notch and shipping is always prompt and customer service is fantastic. I highly recommend Buck Woodcraft for all your teak lumber and Starboard needs ....
They were very helpful in offering a solution to a problem I had. Offered the right product and the customization needed to get me exactly what I needed. Excellent company.
Very helpful in assisting me with the correct selection of wood for my project. Entire process from selection to delivery was smooth and professional.
Will go here first for my wood orders from now on.
I was searching online for a piece of Teak for a bathroom shelf. Imagine my surprise when I came across Buck Woodcraft in my same state. They had exactly what I needed. I decided to call before I placed my order. The gentleman I spoke to took time to answer my questions and was very helpful. My shelf is beautiful. I would recommend this business to family and friends 100 percent.
Beautiful piece of Marine teak, lovely clean cut, didn't need planing. Nicely packed and rapidly shipped. perfect
Purchased a few 2 x 1 x 48 pieces of stock teak and could not be more satisfied with the quality of the product. I would be happy to recommend Buck Woodcraft for specialty wood products sourcing.
Outstanding service. I've done a couple orders with Buck Woodcraft. Each one arrived faster than I expected, and the quality exceeded my expectations.
The 24x3x1 inch piece of teak was flawless. It arrived quickly, well packaged to avoid any damage. I originally ordered it to be cut to 14x3x1 but then changed my mind. Buckwood promptly acknowledged the change and shipped the piece uncut.
Top Quality teak and customer service. Had the wood trimmed down to a custom size and was the exact size requested. Worked perfectly for my project. Will purchase from again.
Two weeks ago I arrived at the Buck Woodcraft website having searched for 1/4" Teak lumber on Google. I saw they were in Florida and immediately went back to see the other listings in Google. I thought, "Teak is not an unusual wood, they must have it at various large places, which they did BUT none could supply 1/4" teak. I live in Brooklyn, NY, and there are all kinds of snazzy woodworking shops in the NYC area and, in fact, one was willing to mill down the teak if I supplied it and they were going to charge me $95.00 to do it but weren't going to use a planer and couldn't do it for another ten days. To make a long story shorter, I asked John at Buck Woodcraft what he would charge for cutting me a piece of 1/4" by 2' by 8" teak and the website gave me a price of $105.00 and the shipping wasn't a lot and I received a refund of $11 on the shipping because it turned out to be less. John had said "You know, the reason we don't list 1/4 teak is that it tends to warp when it's that thin so if you can go thicker it's better AND make sure you seal it completely after you cut it because that will help with its not warping." I changed my order to 3/8" thick teak and the piece arrived as promised four days later by USPS and here's the thing: it was a beautiful piece of teak with elegant striping and it needed to be good because it was going to show in the multi-million-dollar apartment where it was destined to be installed. I cut it and sealed it 24 hours after I received it. It looked perfect. I will gladly go back to Buck Woodcraft (way down there in Florida!) when I next need a fine piece of lumber. My experience with them was all-around pleasant and exactly what the doctor ordered. It taught me a lesson, too: when you need just the right thing, don't feel you have to get it nearby - not for quality, not for service, not for quickness. Thank you, Buck Woodcraft!
The product was exactly as defined online. I could not have been more please with the ability to order exactly what I wanted. Exact length and type of wood.
WOW!! It was a pleasure dealing with your company. The web site was easy to navigate even though I'm not that good on computers.
Best of all your customer service phone response was exceptional. He answered all ?? Including looking for the best shipping value
I ordered Marine teak to replace the wood on my antique swing. The Florida sun & weather is hard on wood. I ordered wood custom cut to size, but John called and said he had the length I needed without a custom cut and refunded me the difference in cost! Five days after placing the order, the teak arrived well boxed, padded in great shape. It looks great! We will be able to enjoy our beautiful swing for years to come. Thank you, John!
The order was proceeded by a call to Buck Woodcraft to ensure I was ordering the item I needed. After speaking to them, I was confident that I was getting what I needed. The order was shipped right away. The plank was perfect, and exactly what I needed to repair a teak swim platform for a customer. Thank you so much!
I don't usually give reviews. However the quality of the teak wood I recently received was exceptional and the packaging of the product for shipping above and beyond.
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