Mid-Size Cup /Can/Mug Holder With Storage Bin -- Horizontal Mount -- Holds 4 Drinks -- 18.25"L x 11"W x 3.5"H


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Holds 4 drinks & has lots of storage -- just 18" long.


  • Mount to horizontal surfaces with fasteners of your choice.4 drinks + bin end view
  • Overall outside dimensions: 18.25" long x 11" wide x 3.5" high.
  • Holder is sized to accommodate cans & coozies as well as cups with handles.
  • .17"L x 4.5"W x 3"D storage bin with center divider.
  • Color is White/White.
  • Shipping weight 8 lbs.


Here is our mid-size drink holder/storage bin combo -- a bit more than 18" long overall -- with room for up to 4 cans with coozies as well as cups and mugs with handles. Like our other drink holders, this model is fabricated entirely of 1/2" thick King Starboard (a weather-proof, color-fast marine plastic), and is assembled with stainless steel fasteners. 

We've sized this unit to fit comfortably atop most center consoles, and have pre-drilled it for easy mounting with the fasteners of your choice. And if you shim the unit up a wee bit with the included nylon washers, you'll find the storage bin is self draining.

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 Buck Woodcraft Drink Holder Kit Instructions For 2, 4, and 5-Drink Holder Models.


These instructions show the assembly of our 4-Drink Holder -- but the same basic steps apply for all three models. The only real difference is that our 2-Drink Holder has no storage bin partition and uses only a single vertical support.

Assembly is easy -- storage bins, partitions & vertical supports all fit into precision-cut slots, and all fastener locations are pre-drilled into the top and bottom panels. All you have to do is extend the fastener holes by drilling into the vertical edges of the storage bin and vertical supports, and then use the supplied fasteners to screw the pieces together.

For tools, you need a dril with a 1/8" or 5/64" bit, and a phillips head screwdriver or (as shown here) the proper size phillips head bit for your drill.


4 Drink Holder Kit Parts View

1. Our 4 and 5-Drink Holder kits each contain nine parts -- 2 storage bin ends and 2 sides -- 1 storage bin partition -- 2 vertical support pieces -- 1 bottom panel --  and1 top panel. Our 2-Drink Holder has a single vertical support and no bin partition. Otherwise, all the assembly parts and steps are the same. And each kit includes all the stainless steel fasteners you'll need.


4 drink holder bin assembly 

You'll begin by assembling the unit's storage bin. Simply butt the notched ends against the side pieces and -- using the pre-drilled holes as guides -- drill into the bin's edges to a depth of about 3/4". Then attach your fasteners as shown.


 4 drink holder, fit storage bin into slots

3. Once you have your storage bin screwed together, fit it into the slots in the unit's bottom panel. The tolerances are exact, and you may have to tap the bin a little to seat it all the way into the slots. Also -- you'll need to insert the bin's partition at this point (which our assembler here forgot to do). You can either fit the partitiion into the bottom panel's slot and fit the bin over the partition's back edge -- or fit the partition into the bin's slot and tap it into place along with the bin itself.

 4 drink holder -- fit vertical supports

4. Once the storage bin and partition are in place, tap the 2 vertical support pieces into their pre-cut slots as well.

 4 drink holder -- tap top into place

5. Now fit the Drink Holder's top panel over the storage bin and vertical supports. Those pieces will fit into pre-cut slots and may require a bit of tapping to get everything well seated. Once this is done, you're ready to begin final assembly.

 4 drink holder -- screw top panel into bin & supports

6. .Using the pre-drilled holes in the top panel as guides, use a 5/64" to 3/32" bit to drill pilot holes into the edges of the storage bin and vertical supports. Make your holes about 3/4" deep -- being very careful to drill straight into the center. 

 4 drink holder -- top panel assembled

7. Now that you have the unit's top panel fully screwed into place, simply flip the Drink Holder over so that the bottom faces up as shown in step #8.

 4 bin holder -- assemble bottom panel

8. Here again, use the pre-drilled holes in the bottom panel as guides for pilot holes you'll sink into the bin's edges and into the vertical supports. You'll note there are more holes than fasteners. These provide drainage for the storage bin, as well as pilot holes for whatever fasteners you use to install the finished unit on your boat. So do that, and then go have some fun.

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