Custom Engraved Teak Name Boards

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Custom Teak Name Boards -- Characteristics & Costs

Teak is very durable and highly rot-resistant. If you varnish it and stick it outdoors, as with name boards, you're in for a good bit of periodic maintenance. But hey, it's a boat, right?

The material cost for custom teak name boards will depend on the dimensions you specify. CNC set-up and run-time costs will depend on the complexity of your boat lettering requirements. Our minimum charge for this is $75.00

As you can see from the selection of custom designs shown here, size and complexity can vary greatly – and the more exactly you can specify your needs for us, the more closely we’ll be able to estimate your costs.

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Custom Engraved Teak Nameboard Examples:

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 custom name board genevieve custom name board jamey lynn   
 custom name board uscg stingray  custom name board uscg sawfish  
 custom name board uscg reef shark officers  custom name board river dancer  
 custom name board mermaid art  custom name board odysseus  

  custom name board uscg rush full size


"We have returned from patrol...and found your boards waiting for us on the pier in Hawaii. They look great and we are very happy with the way they have turned out. My captain was extremely pleased. ... I'll be sure to recommend your business in the future."

Joe Restle, BMC

USCGC RUSH (WHEC 723) - Honolulu

makaira marlin art discs name board makaira close up   
 grand banks duo  name board annie c full size  
 uscg bayberry crossed anchors  uscg bayberry gear cog  


uscg bayberry station id signs


 Make Your Boat's Name Stand Out In Color 

 boat name color tutorial #1

1. You could just apply paint to your boat's lettering, but I think color-tinted epoxy delivers a more durable result. Start by sealing your boat's lettering with clear epoxy and let it set. Then, mix the tinting agent into a batch of epoxy until you have the color intensity you want and simply brush the tinted epoxy onto your lettering. Apply 2 or 3 thin coats, 24 hours or more apart for each coat. Don't worry about getting epoxy where you don't want it -- it'll come off later. Coloring agents for epoxy resin are available from several online sources.



name board color #2

2. Once you have your letters colored in the way you want them and you've let the epoxy cure for a couple of days, use a random orbital sander to strip away any excess epoxy/coloring. Use #100 or #120 grit paper to start, then finish with #250 or #320 grit for a ready-to-varnish surface.


name board color #3 1st coast sikkens

3. Now lay down your first coat of varnish, nice and thin to avoid having it build up in your engraved letters. As to the sort of varnish you choose, bear in mind that if your boards are going to live outdoors, they'll need the best UV protection you can give them -- and that's true also for the epoxy-based lettering. Around here we like a product called Sikkens.


 name board color #4

4. Let your varnish dry at least 24 hours between coats, and (I know, you already know this) don't apply varnish in direct sunlight or when it's going to rain any time soon. Lightly scuff the cured varnish between each coat with #400 wet/dry sandpaper. All told, you'll want at least four coats, and 6 or 8 would be better.

 name board color #5

5. Enjoy. If you're buying a single board as a gift or for displaying anywhere indoors, then you'll never have to worry about replenishing the board's finish over time. If you're installing a pair of boards on your vessel, it'd be a good idea to put a bit of space between the rear of the boards and your mounting surfaces, using nylon washers as shims or whatnot. This will keep varnish-damaging moisture from building up behind the board.


Finished by customer Jaime Wray, 07/15

Letters colored with gold-leaf pen. Two coats varnish.

jaime wray customer finished nameboard



Finished by customer Bill Butler, 05/16

Letters colored with tinted epoxy. Anchors colored with Krylon gold-leaf pen. 

seeadler nameboard for how-to finish page


I have to say, I’ve never seen such excellent packaging in my life, both for these teak boards and for the previous, and larger, King Starboard name board. These new ones are also excellent, exactly as requested and hoped for.

Thank you so much. I would highly recommend your shop to anyone who asks.
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