Rugged, Affordable, Portable Fish Cleaning Tables

Let's face it: Cool though it may be, a big, fancy, permanently installed fish cleaning table isn't what everybody needs -- at least not all of the time. Sometimes you need a practical fish cleaning station that can go where the fishing is -- something that's tough enough to do the job without taking up a bunch of space or weighing a ton or costing a ton of money.

Okay, here you go. We're offering two top-quality fish filet table designs -- one that's portable enough go pretty much anywhere, and another that combines good portability with a larger cutting surface to handle the whoppers you're always hauling in. Both designs are built with King Starboard, a tough high-density marine plastic that's impervious to weather and totally maintenance free.

Our smaller table (The Little Guy) is made from 1/2" thick Starboard panels and assembled with stainless steel fasteners. Our larger mode (The Big Guy) is just the same, except the top is ¾” thick King Starboard rather than 1/2” And you can buy either one ready-to-use or as a money-saving kit.