Full-Size Fish Cleaning Station | 54" X 23" Top | Welded Aluminum Base

Shelf's color will match your table top color.
Sink's cover color will match your table top color.

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full size fct table frame detailOur Full-Size Fish Cleaning Table Is Rugged, Maintenance-Free, Full-Featured & Affordable

Basic Table Features:

  • Top is 3/4" thick King Starboard, with a working surface measuring 54" long x 23+" deep.
  • Generous backsplash with integral drainage slots that double as knife holders.
  • Welded aluminum base built with thick-walled tubular and flat stock sections, fastened to the table top with large, corrosion-isolated stainless steel fasteners. Heavy-walled aluminum u-channel provides additional under-table support. Base is drilled out for 1/4" fasteners for secure mounting to your wood or concrete dock.
  • Table stands approximately 38-1/2" high, and when mounted on a level surface is designed to drain fluids away from the user.
  • Your choice of 4 King Starboard colors at no additional charge.


There's no shortage of reasons for why you should consider a Buck Woodcraft table as your full-size fish cleaning station. However, just to keep things simple and convenient, we've sorted out some of our fish cleaning table's features and advantages below.

It's Rugged. We begin with an aluminum base incorporating thick-walled tubular and flat-stock sections welded into strong but light support sections. The table's working surface is 3/4" King Starboard measuring 54" long x over 23" deep, anchored to the base with large stainless steel fasteners isolated from the aluminum frame with a Teflon-based anticorrosive compound. The end result will give you many years of trouble-free service

Basic Or Customized. Your Buck Woodcraft fish cleaning table can be as basic or as customized as you like. Our simplest table has all the features described above, and delivers excellent long-term value at an affordable price, in your choice of 4 colors. Or you can chose any combination of extra-cost options, including powder coated base, restaurant-quality sink and faucet, a handy storage shelf or even a roomy under-table storage cabinet. It's all up to you.

It's Easy On Your Knives. The King Starboard table top makes an excellent cutting surface that won't take the edge off your filet knives like Corian or stainless steel. Plus, the Buck Woodcraft fish cleaning table incorporates storage slots at both ends and across the back of the table, so your knives are always handy without being in the way.

You Clean The Fish, Not The Table. Okay, so maybe you have to spend a minute or two hosing the thing off after you just filleted 312 pounds of Snapper. Otherwise, your Buck Woodcraft fish cleaning table just sits there looking pretty, year after year.

It's Cool. All the other advantages of the Buck Woodcraft fish cleaning table aside, it looks really nice. So
what if your dock neighbor owns a 93' Hatteras Sportfish? When you've got a Buck Woodcraft Fish Cleaning Table, my friend, life simply doesn't get much better than that.


Extra Cost Options:

  • Stainless Steel Sink & Starboard Cover Board. This Franke sink is roomy and tough: 20-gauge stainless, 13" x 13-3/4" x 6-5/16" deep. It's installed with a drop-in Starboard cover board and skirt enclosure, and is ready to plumb. $349.95 plus shipping. 
  • 18" Faucet. This is a restaurant-quality faucet, built to give many years of trouble-free service. It's a  perfect companion to the sink option described above, but is also useful all by itself. Comes installed and ready to plumb. $150.00 plus shipping.
  • Combination Knife/Cup/Knfe Sharpener.  This holder combo is custom-designed to fit the profile of our full-size fish cleaning tables, and mounts directly beneath your table top. The integral knife-holder slot stows even very long filet knives safely and securely, and the unit accommodates a set of pliers, a hose with spray handle attachment and a variety of beverage containers.  All for just $59.95 plus shipping.
  • Starboard Storage Shelf. This sturdy shelf includes Starboard fiddles on three sides. It rests securely on the table frame, yet lifts right out if you ever need to remove it for any reason. Storable area 28-1/5”L x 8-7/8”W. $149.95 plus shipping.
  • Custom Storage Cabinet. Cost will depend on cabinet size & configuration. Stainless steel latch options and graphics are additional, and so is the shipping cost. Please call us with your requirements at 305-743-4090, or email john@buckwoodcraft.com. 

 Table Top Color Options:





Dolphin Gray


Just got mine. Rugged, easy to install. Good looking cleaning station that looks like it will last!
For the price this is the best table out there. Easy assembly and not to heavy. Will last many years
What a quality build!! All mounted and installed just waiting on some fish now.
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