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Our basic stock Color Core name boards measure 4" high x 23-1/4" long, and 1/2" thick. Letter height is 2-1/2", and the artwork is about 3" tall. Your boat's name will be precisely engraved on our CNC machine -- plus you can choose any of the engraved-art designs shown in the accompanying photos at no additional cost. In-stock color choices are white letters on a blue background, green letters on a tan background, red letters on a white background, white letters on a black background and white letters on a black background.


ksb knot u 2 example 

 "Nautical Stars" & "Dolphins" are two of your artwork choices for

these name boards.

 ksb example knot bad

 Or choose "Palm Trees" or "Navy Anchors" to dress up your

vessel's name.

 ksb example miss charity

 We can easily accommodate longer vessel names by lengthening

your name board as required, and you can opt not to have any sort

of artwork if that's your preference.

 ksb black white black example

The Chandeleur name boards and Miss Charity shown above

illustrate available color combinations. However, all end

profiles of our stock designs are identical to the Knot U II and

Knot Bad examples.

white letters on blue background nameboard ksb 

Also available with blue letters on white...  

 tan-brown-tan knot bad name board kristali

And with a chocolate brown on tan.


 tan-brown-tan FL registration numbers

Using the same design format of our stock name boards,

we can also make you a nice set of state vessel

registration numbers (3" high), with or without artwork.

$134.95 for the pair. 



Buy a pair for mounting on your vessel and get a discount. Or get just one  name board as a gift for someone special -- or to display in your den or main saloon. Either way, your Color Core name boards will deliver years of maintenance-free pleasure at an affordable price.

Stock Design King Starboard Name Board Specs & Pricing Details

--Maintenance-free, weatherproof King Starboard Color Core material.

--Name boards are 23-1/4" long x 4" high x 1/2" thick. Letter height: 2-1/2". The name board's end profile will match those shown in the large photo above. The name board's lettering type font will match that shown in the large photo above.

--Base prices are for name boards with up to 8 letters/spaces. Additional letters/spaces are $10 each per name board. Added letters/spaces will increase overall name board length proportionately.

--6 color combinations: white letters on blue background, blue letters on white background, green letters on tan background and brown letters on tan background. The lettering font will match that shown on the large photo above.

--Your choice of artwork designs included in the base price: Dolphins, Palm Trees, Nautical Stars or Navy Anchors. Artwork designs arer approximately 3" high.


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