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Economical Low-Profile Design

All 1/2" King Starboard Door Components -- Custom Quality At Prefab Prices

Whether you're replacing an old door or adding a new one, our low-profile single-panel boat doors offer:

    • Custom Door Dimensions -- From 6" x 6" up to 47" x 54" -- No extra charge.
    • Your Choice Of 5 Colors -- No extra charge.
    • Optional pre-drilled frame for perfectly spaced fasteners -- No extra charge.
    • White Or Black Southco Slam Latch Included In Base Price -- No extra charge -- Plus Stainless Steel Latch Options.low profile door frame detail
    • Stainless Steel Piano Hinge Standard. These hinges are installed on the long dimension, unless you specify otherwise.
    • 1/2" Thick Door Panel & Frame.
Low-Profile Design Saves You Money

Fabricating both the door panel and frame from 1/2" thick King Starboard lowers the door's overall material cost, versus using 3/4" thick material for the frame. And we pass the savings directly on to you.
Our CNC machine precisely mills both pieces so that the door panel nests securely within the frame. The edges of each component overlap by .25", so the completed door is just `1/2" high. 
Symmetrical Design Offers Installation Flexibility.

 Because our door latches are  centered directly opposite the piano hinge, having your door open from left-to-right or right-to-left for vertical installations is simply a matter of flipping the door over so that the latch is positioned where you want it. And the same is true for doors installed horizontally -- simply position it with the latch on the top for a top-down opening door, or at the bottom for a lift-up opening door.

Your Choice Of Five Colors Included In Base Price  

white white ksb sample

ksb seafoam sample

ksb sanshade sample

ksb dolphin gray sample

ksb black sample




Dolphin Gray


Available Options:
 white non lock southco slam latch  

White Southco Latch -- No Extra Cost -- This white Southco non-locking polylcarbonate latch is a standard option on our boat doors. It's handsome, tough, and designed for the marine environment.

 black southco non-locking latch standard  

Black Southco Latch -- No Extra Cost -- Or choose this black Southco non-locking polycarbonate latch, again as a standard option. Just as with the white version shown above, this latch will stand up to the harsh conditions of a marine environment.

 stainless gemlux non-locking slam latch option  

Non-Locking SS Latch -- Add $28.00 -- And upgrade to this non-locking GemLux electro-polished stainless steel slam latch. Stylish and durable.

 gemlus locking stainless steel slam latch option  

Locking SS Latch -- Add $38.00 -- And add security to your enclosure with this locking GemLux electro-polished stainless steel slam latch. 

 pre-drilled boat door frame

 Pre-drilled Frame -- No Extra Cost-- Consider this option if you need to fasten your enclosure frame from the front, rather than screwing into it from behind. We'll pre-drill and countersink your holes at precisely spaced intervals on our CNC machine -- so there's no guesswork or uneven results.

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