Teak Veneer Plywood Project Panels -- 4 Sq. Ft. (24"x24") -- 1/8" To 3/4" Thick


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Four Square Feet t (24" x 24") Teak Veneer Panels -- 4 sq. ft. 1/8" & 1/4" thick panels have FEQ teak veneer on one side only; 1/2" & 3/4" thick panels are veneered on both sides. Plywood substrate is exterior grade. 

 Please understand that any cut pieces (project panels, quarter sheets) sizes can vary by as much as a 1/4" due to saw kerf when cutting sheets down, so if your project calls for sizes the same as what we offer, move to the next size up so you can get nice clean finished edges when you cut to your size.


Shipping Estimates Versus Actual Shipping Costs

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We Minimize Handling Charges
Our handling charges range from a few dollars for small shipments sent in standard boxes, to several dollars for custom-built packages required for large/heavy plywood shipments, or for packages that require extra protection against damage. In all cases, we try to hold our shipping costs to a minimum while ensuring that the teak veneer plywood you order order shows up in excellent condition.
Nice product, only place to get a small project piece. Very good service.
Just what I needed to fill the hole left from the previous TV. Perfect match for my teak in my CABO.
Panel arrived quickly and in great shape!
Panels arrived ahead of schedule, were in perfect condition, and looked great!
Love working with everyone there. Customer Service is great! The quality of the product is never disappointing and always arrives faster than anticipated.
Thank you!
BUCK WOODCRAFT always selects nice pieces, packages them securely for shipping & gets it to you fast. I’ve even had them save me money on shipping costs by choosing an alternative carrier. Good guys running a good business. Highly recommended.
Very pleased with my purchase. It arrived quickly and well packed, quality of the veneer and substrate was very good. There is definitely an “excellent” side and a “very good” side to the veneer, which worked out fine for my project. Shipping cost was higher than I would prefer.
I have purchased a couple of pieces of this plywood at different times. I have been very pleased with all products. Good finish on both sides. Usually one side is darker than the other which I actually like.
Product is excellent. Service as well. Shipping a bit heavy.
Couldn't be happier. The teak plywood looked awesome, matched everything in my boat and for a great price.

Thank you!
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